An open letter to America

Dear America,

I know it’s really hard when you make a giant, public declaration of love for a guy you know can be kind of a jerk, and then you find out that actually, he’s way more of a jerk than you had noticed before.

Especially because some of your relatives, and the friends who were always the kind that didn’t support everything you do, were saying mean things about him all along.

And that thing he claimed, about how he was between good things, but he just needed the *next* break to make it all wonderful? It’s starting to look like maybe the mean people were right.

But…giant, public declaration, and if you step away from him, all the dreamy stuff he promised you has absolutely no chance of coming true. And then you’ll be left where you started, before you started hoping because he was telling you such pretty things, telling you all the nice things you always wanted to hear — sad, lonely, feeling ignored, getting asked out by guys a lot less exciting.

It’s seems so reasonable to say, “hey, give him a chance!” You know what happens if you do, right? You’ve seen the Lifetime movies? You learn to accept being cut off from your friends, and then he starts breaking your stuff, and sometimes hurting people you love, and then hurting you. You need to open your eyes and stop giving him more chances.