Collateral damage hurts when you’re in the splash zone

“Make Donald Dr*mpf Again.”

I’ve disemvoweled the surname. I understand why it’s become viral. Please don’t splain the logic and the rationale to me. I don’t object out of ignorance or a lack of understanding about political humor, satire, or the indictment of hypocrisy.

Seriously, if you’ve been reading here, and if you know me from elsewhere, you know that I’m well aware of the mechanics of all three.

Yet again, I’m disturbed by the willingness of the avowed liberal side to engage in Othering tactics that have collateral damage in the form of immigrants and the visibly unassimilable. Nearly 100% of the apologetics I’m seeing for John Oliver’s mocking takedown of Trump are from people who have never been faced with claims that they are unAmerican (and don’t belong) because of their “clearly foreign” surname, or whose appearance never elicits the questioning of their citizenship or right of residency.

For the rest of us…this isn’t going to have a limited impact. It fuels Anglo-normalization, and the questioning of “non-foreign” surnames for those of us who are visibly non-white in our ancestry. You wouldn’t condone using homophobia to combat homophobia. Or at least I hope you wouldn’t.

There are other ways to take him down.