Hard to Believe?

It’s hard to believe that this still happens in 2015…”


Dear white allies of social justice,

When you say, “hard to believe” — what comes across is, “I live in a white bubble, and I continue to be mired in the apparent reality of it. I approach the reporting of my friends of color with doubt, because of the disparity between their experience and mine, and have not yet come to interrogating the very real divide that exists between us because of systemic issues.”

This is not a harmless thing you’re saying, this “hard to believe”.

When will you stop finding it hard to believe? When will you stop putting us to tests that you yourself would find difficult to pass? When will you stop demanding excellence in reporting and conduct from us, when you give whiteness all the slack?

When will you stop with the disparity in “well, maybe…” for white transgressions when POC who are not absolutely saintly are excoriated?